Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine

State Enterprise "Ukrainian State Center
for International Education"


World Class Education


Why Ukraine?
Internationally recognized scientific achievements, quality Higher Education Institutions and effective teaching methods.
Education in Ukraine is both useful and very beneficial. In comparison with other European countries, the price of education in Ukraine is much lower.
According to Expat Insider 2016, Ukraine was the most affordable country in terms of living expenses and second best in terms of personal financial satisfaction.
Foreign citizens as well as legal asylum seekers residing in Ukraine have the same rights, freedoms and obligations as citizens of Ukraine.
Areas of study in Ukraine
that we promote to prospective international students
  • Medicine and Pharmacology
  • Avionics and Rocket Technology
  • Applied Physics and Nanotechnology
  • Gas and Oil Engineering and Technology
  • Shipbuilding and Maritime Engineering
  • Atomic Energy Studies
  • Agronomics
  • Biology and Genetics