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October 14 – Defenders of Ukraine Day

October 14 is celebrated in Ukraine as the Defenders of Ukraine Day.


This national holiday preserves the rich and glorious traditions of the Ukrainian people, embodies the courage and heroism of the defenders and liberators of their native land. The Defenders of Ukraine Day embodies our unchanging values: love for the Homeland, readiness to defend one’s country, to protect its interests.


The holiday began being celebrated at the state level only in 2014, but it retains the history of many centuries. The date of October 14 was not chosen by accident, it is on this day that a great Orthodox holiday is celebrated – the Intercession of the Theotokos. She was considered to be the patron of the Ukrainian Cossacks, giving them inspiration and strength in battle. The Ukrainian Cossacks have always been and remain a symbol of courage, strength of national character, steadfastness of faith and spirit. Also, this day marks the creation of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army.


On the occasion of the holiday, congratulations to all who have the high title of Defender of Ukraine!