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Museum “Making of the Ukrainian Nation” – modern innovative museum of Ukrainian history

The “Making of the Ukrainian Nation” Museum is the first innovative museum of history in Ukraine, where the past is combined with modern technologies.


By visiting it, you can in one and a half to two hours get acquainted with the main events in the history of our country, see 25 story compositions, as well as meet the most famous statesmen of different times – from the founders of Kyiv, to modern-day famous individuals.


The 3D figures of prominent individuals impress with their realism: kings and hetmans, soldiers and scientists, artists and athletes. Individual figures wink and smile.


Each installation is accompanied by interactive audio and video content combined with special effects, which immerses the visitor in the atmosphere of the era.


The media guide is available in 8 languages: Ukrainian, English, Chinese, Spanish, Russian, Italian, Polish and German.


The museum is located in Kyiv at Lavrska St. 27. It is situated behind the Motherland monument in the main building of the National Museum of History of Ukraine in World War II. The museum is open daily, without breaks or days off.


Detailed information – on the website