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#studyinukraine at NAFSA 2019

On May 26 – June 4, 2019, Study in Ukraine team, headed by the director of Ukrainian State Center for International Education Dr. Olena Shapovalova visited NAFSA 2019 annual conference and expo “Global Leadership, Study and Change” for new experience and presentation of Ukrainian higher education.

There were scheduled more, than 200 workshops, events and sessions for leadership programs, pre-university training, and global study support. More, than 3500 different organizations, 10 000 participants from 100 countries took part in the solemn opening ceremony, held by United States ex-Secretaries of State Madeleine Albright and Colin Powell, who emphasized on the importance of international education as a power of global dialogue.

Also, Dr. Olena Shapovalova had a meeting with U. S. Department of State representative Matthew P. Washburn and chief of USA Study Abroad at U.S. Department of State Heidi L. Manley, where the perspectives of cooperation between Ukraine and USA were widely discussed: academic mobility programs, international offices development in universities and double diploma were additionally highlighted.

As a result, educational cooperation between Ukraine and America got new prospects and the #studyinukraine team had a lot of new ideas and experience to expand Ukrainian higher education for international students.