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Generous evening! Good evening!

In the evening of January 13th, on New Year’s Eve by the old style, Ukrainians traditionally celebrate Generous Evening or Malanka.

The tradition of celebrating the Old New Year is associated with the discrepancy between two calendars: the Julian (“old style”) and the Gregorian (“new style”).

The evening from January 13th to 14th is called Generous. As on Christmas Eve, a festive dinner is prepared on January 13th, which is also called “generous”. It is believed that the more dishes there are on the table, the happier the next year will be.

And since today is a New Year’s holiday, it is a good opportunity to review plans and goals for next year.

Among our plans is to do everything possible to make sure that:

Ukrainian higher education is known all over the world

foreign students studying in Ukrainian universities receive high quality education

admission to universities is transparent and digitalized

Ukraine is competitive in the international market of educational services

So let our designs and plans during these holidays come to pass and become a reality

Making #studyinukraine better